April 1, 2021 Update:

Oblivion Alpha Progress
  1. Premium is done
  2. Ticketing is done
  3. Reaction roles are done
  4. Role based permission system is currently in-progress
  5. Advanced moderation system is currently in-progress

There are many things that are not included in the above message that are completed and or in progress / planned. Please make sure that you join our discord and provide us with key features that you would like to see in the new oblivion.

I know that we have not been very active in keeping you guys up to date with the development of Oblivion Alpha. However, we are all so very busy with both developing and IRL.
Yes we are aware of the current issue with Oblivion Music. We are working on getting music situated on the new version of Oblivion.

September 28, 2020 Update:

  1. Ticketing System Update
    1. Fixed Ticket Panel reactions not working.
    2. Fixed Rating System where it was not reading the database, and errored out.

    1. set-ticketlogs command
    2. set-ticketparent command
    3. set-ticketmessage command
    4. set-ticketshortname command
    5. panels command
    6. deletepanel command
    7. set-suggestionchannel command
    8. suggest / suggestion command
    9. You can edit Ticket system material on the panel now.

  2. Status On Premium for Oblivion
    So we are currently working on a few integrations for premium. All of the logic is mainly done, its just a simple issue with what program we are wanting to use.

    For more information on the status on premium coming to Oblivion, check out our Discord

September 1, 2020 Update:

  1. Ticket System
  2. The brand new re-invented Ticketing System is going to be available to BETA MEMBERS Today. If you are interested in this system, please open a ticket and request beta access.

  3. Updates:
  4. a. Trustscore command, where if your community name is not found, it displays 'undefined'.
    b. Claim command, this now adds you to the ticket database as the claimed user for that select ticket.
    c. Unclaim command, this now removes you from the ticket database as the claimed user for that select ticket, and allows another user to claim the ticket.
    d. Ticket Reactions, are now working and operational on the Development Discord. This will soon be released to Beta Members.
    e. Close command, this now will integrate with the new Rating system.

  5. Additions:
  6. a. Rating system for tickets.
    b. Ticket Logging for all events attached to the ticketing system.

August 21, 2020 Update:

  1. Leveling System Overhaul
  2. a. Re-did the entire leveling system.
    b. Added chatroles feature, use with !chatroles command.
    c. Added pages to the leaderboard.
    d. Updated the rank command, with a new and improved rank card.
    e. Changed how the leveling works, so its no longer message by message.
    f. Added a cooldown system to the leveling, that way spammers do not get all the XP.

  3. Enabling / Disabling Leveling?
  4. If you are wanting to turn leveling Off or On you can do so in the panel under Modules.

  5. Ticketing System is now in its final approach for release!
  6. Ticketing will feature the following:
    a. Reaction tickets
    b. Transcripts
    c. Assigning Categories
    d. Claiming system
    e. Rating system
    f. Logging system
    g. And Much Much MORE!!

  7. Small Patch to the above!
  8. - Fixed SQL connections
    - Fixed users getting xp even when the module was turned off
    - Fixed member count updater

August 19, 2020 Update:

  1. Music Commands Update
    In the recent days, many Discord bots like Oblivion that interact with YouTube to stream music experienced issues with keyword searches. This has recently been fixed by the Integration developers and works flawlessly.
  2. How to enable the Music feature?
    To enable the Music commands, head to your Discord's panel, and select Modules and turn Music to On.
  3. As always, if you have any issues with activating or using the bot, feel free to join our Oblivion Support Server, and make a ticket for help.

August 13, 2020 Update:

  1. FiveM Admin Panel Integration Update
    We have gone through and updated the Steam command. You can now REACT to emoji's to gather / list player infraction information.

    The FiveM Module is disabled by default! Please make sure you enable it to use this command.
  2. To view what commands are in what category, you can run !help.
    Note: If you encounter any bugs, please open a ticket on the Oblivion support server.

August 5, 2020 Update:

  1. The user panel has now been released in early access!
    Please note that this panel is still in development meaning some features are not be complete and you might encounter bugs.

    Step 1. Please visit https://panel.bradybots.com/.
    Step 2. Select your guild
    Step 3. Click on modules on the sidebar
    Step 4. Enable/disable any modules that you want/don't want.
    Step 5. Click on SAVE in the bottom left corner to save changes.

  2. The FiveM Module is disabled by default!
  3. To view what commands are in what category, you can run !help.
    Note: If you encounter any bugs, please open a ticket on the Oblivion support server.

August 2, 2020 Update:

  1. We have released the integration with the Cloud version of the FiveM Admin Panel. You MUST do the sync command first, in order to configure your community to your Discord guild. There will be a feature on the Oblivion user panel, where you can enter your Community ID in, but for now it is command based.

    FiveM Commands Linked to the FiveM Admin Panel:
    1. trustscore
    2. myhistory
    3. playtime
    4. steam @user - Kick Permissions required on discord to use this command

    Please do not do the sync command in public view. This is a community ID that is supposed to be kept to yourself. We are not responsible for your lack of regard to the security of the Community ID. If your community ID gets leaked open a ticket on the FiveM Admin Panel discord NOT Brady Bots Development.

July 19, 2020 Update:

  1. Music is now released! To view the music commands you can run the !help command. There are 10 new commands. fskip, loop, pause, play, queue, resume, search, skip, stop, volume.
    Some of these commands requires the Oblivion DJ role to be executed. The role name will be able to be changed in the near future.

    Loop Command
    The loop command will allow users to loop the song that is currently playing or loop the entire queue.

    Pause Command
    Allows users to pause the current queue

    Resume Command
    Allows users to resume the queue

    Search Command
    Does the same thing as the play command, but does not accept YouTube links directly (only search terms)

    Skip Command
    Allows users to vote to skip a song.

    Force Skip Command
    Allows the users to force skip a song (without voting)

    Queue Command
    Allows users to view the current queue in the server.

    Volume Command
    Allows users to change the volume for the song between 0-100

    Play Command
    Allows you to enter a YouTube URL or search terms and play a song!

    You can view all of our commands here on our main website.